AWS Beacon Node Set Up

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To stake Ethereum, validator nodes are required to connect to Beacon nodes. The Validator and the beacon node are referred to as consensus layer clients. Launchnodes use the Prysmatic client (other clients will be available soon). The Beacon node Consensus layer client needs to connect to an execution layer client in order to synchronise, the consensus layer client that is used is Geth. The diagram provides a high level architecture of how the nodes work.
High level architecture

Checkpoint Sync:

The beacon node takes upto 6-7 days to sync from genesis. In addition the Geth node takes 2 days to sync to the latest head. To avoid this long delay, Prysmatic offers a checkpoint sync option. With checkpoint sync configured, your beacon node will begin syncing from a recently finalized checkpoint instead of syncing from genesis. This will make the process of syncing beacon node much faster. Using checkpoint sync Launchnodes Beacon node take around 10 minutes to sync to the latest head and Geth takes approximately 48hrs.
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