Pre-Synced Beacon Node (Prysmatic)

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Beacon nodes connect to each other to form the beacon chain. The Beacon Chain coordinates the network, and manages Proof of Stake for Ethereum.

Beacon Node Synchronisation time

The primary use case for Launchnodes Pre-Synched Beacon node is to have a Beacon Node that is synchronised and connected to the Beacon Chain in a short space of time (3 or 5 hours) instead of 3-5 days.

Solo Staking Ethereum

  • A quickly Synced Beacon node is especially useful for those solo staking Ethereum.
  • In order to Stake Ethereum you need to use an execution layer client (Geth) and a Consensus Layer client (Beacon and Validator Nodes)
  • Launchnodes Pre-Synched Beacon node makes it easy to become a solo staker and solo stake at scale for businesses.
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By using this product you can connect Validator nodes that run on your own infrastructure or on any public cloud to a synchronised Geth Node and Beacon Node.
This allows staking resilience, flexibility and speed in running your staking infrastructure especially for businesses when staking at scale or hyper scale.
Please contact [email protected] if you would like more information about this product, the context in which it can be used or to understand more about solo staking Ethereum.