Can I revert back or change the Consensus layer withdrawal address once it has been set?

No. The migration from 0x00 to 0x01 is something you can do only once, and this new address you choose becomes the place where your consensus layer staking returns go to. When you want to stop staking, this is where your 32 ETH is returned to.

It is therefore extremely important that when you change this address, you make sure it is a correct address, which you have access to, and the address and wallet has the requisite level of security around it. Once you have set this address for your nodes, the address cannot be changed.

At Launchnodes, we can help you with this migration. If you choose to do it yourself, please do so carefully. If you lose access to this address you will lose access to your 32 ETH and your staking returns.

As a solo staker, you can change the address for your Execution layer returns at any point.

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